The Black Cat Spread

I had a crack at a Black Cat Spread in honour of Friday The 13th (except I drew it on the Saturday, because, hello, have you met me?)

Anyway, usually I only draw from the major arcana – who’s got time for all those minor cards, right? But this spread seemed to benefit from the full deck.

Here’s the coda, according to Witch Way Magazine:

Here’s my interpretation:

1 THE STAR:  A symbol of hope, lighting up the dark times. You can’t get much better than this as an omen for the future! The star means guidance, and heralds the truth. I’m on the right track.

2 JUSTICE: I can’t help thinking that it’s less me avoiding it, than it avoiding me. Unless you mean I don’t do myself justice by lying around all day feeling bitter about all the injustice I’ve had to suffer. In which case, spot on!

3 STRENGTH INVERTED: See above – lying about is not a doing me any favours and I keep ignoring that and pretending it’s not really a problem. Which would be fine, but when I realise, I freak out and that’s not good.

4 PAGE of CUPS: News of love will protect me. Presumably love of myself sufficient to lay off the chips and cakes? Actually, it’s also suggesting that feeling young at heart will protect me from my problems… I like that idea a lot.

5 SEVEN of SWORDS: Glad it’s not the three of swords, amirite? Although that one would be accurate… As a romantic card, this one isn’t much better. I’m going to have my heart stolen by a showy jerk who’ll make off with half my stuff. Yay.

6 NINE of WANDS: I’m going to make it rich by hanging tough and staying strong. I can’t help thinking this is how anyone will do well in lean times, but OK.

7 EIGHT of CUPS: I pretty much only ever wish for my nephews to be safe and happy, and for someone to give me a large amount of cash – preferably the lottery commission. We’ve all seen that Hammer Horror film. But lately, I’ve been thinking about… other things. This card – which represents a harmonious departure from something that’s been niggling me and making me unhappy, encourages me to aim for that outcome, rather than a hasty, angrily made choice.

8 KING of SWORDS: In times of strife, the people you want on your side should be fighters, too. I’m lucky to have landed this card here. Face cards, in the Tarot are supposed to represent the people in your life – or they can do. Funnily enough I met one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever met yesterday. I wouldn’t say she’s a part of my life, but I learned a little bit from meeting her – mainly that great pain can lie behind great ambition.

9 THE FOOL INVERTED: My old mate, the fool. On Friday the 13th I was so sick I didn’t pay attention to anything, let alone a project. Sorry. Maybe that’s what makes this card appropriate? The fool is starting a journey, but I couldn’t even start a journey to the kitchen on Friday. Inverted indeed.

10 DEATH INVERTED: There’s change coming, I can’t stop it and it’s going to make me hella anxious. But, because this card is inverted in this spot, I don’t need to let it overwhelm me. I’m actually fairly OK at processing change, given enough time, so it’s all good.

11 SEVEN of CUPS: Bad luck with choices is pretty much the story of my life, so… the 7ofC means I’m likely to be offered all sorts, and I’m have bad luck whichever way I choose. Guess that means I should go with my gut.

12 THE SUN: Blimey, I couldn’t have pulled a more beneficial card in this spot. Good luck will come to me in health and best of all, in travel – my fav thing. Vitality will pour out of me. I will bloom and grow like a good ‘un.

13 TWO of CUPS: There’s love and reconciliation coming my way! Whoop! it could be a romance! Isn’t it always a romance with tarot? Anyway, perhaps I should choose to read it as a general feeling of calm with myself – the most important relationship I have.

Generally, I’m not one for reading the cards as anything other than a reflection of what’s going on inside your head. The predictive element in this spread doesn’t really work for me. But in terms of making me take time to think about what I think about things – and why, it’s been helpful. I think having a richer understanding of the cards’ symbolism would help. There’s not a lot of nuance in this reading.

Anyway, did you do anything fun on Friday 13th? Did you try this spread? How did yours come out. Let us know in the comments. 




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